Welcome to Arpan & Namasté 


Arpan is a performing arts organization that is dedicated to the promotion of Folk and Classical traditions of India. This includes dance, music, folklore, traditions and values. It strives to bring together like minded artists who value the traditions passed down through the ages unadulterated by the vagaries of the modern world. We try to stay away from 'filmi' 'techno' interpretations of any art form that we perform.

in Sanskrit means to present or to offer in dedication. Our efforts are an offering (Arpan) to the entire community in Seattle, WA right from the inner depths of a diverse cultural melting pot that is India.

Are you interested in finding out more about becoming a student ? 
Before accepting new students to Arpan, we want to take the time to ensure it is the best fit for you (and/or your child). We will invite you to observe our class and meet our other students, and we will take some time to explain our basic expectations and guidelines before admission is completed.
Please send email to arpan.arts@live.com with Name, Age, Level of Expertise and personal dance goals and we will get back to you to set up an initial meeting!